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Services and Warranties

Factory authorized audio visual service

Clear Sound customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from responsive and knowledgeable service support.  Every Clear Sound installation comes with a one-year warranty, but we also offer factory authorized service for systems that were not originally installed by our team.

Our highly experienced service personnel perform factory authorized repairs, helping our customers remain in compliance with manufacturers’ warranty terms.  If we feel it is necessary to send a piece of equipment to the manufacturer for factory servicing, we can provide our customer with a loaner unit in order to maintain seamless a/v operation at all times.

Intimate, natural-sounding dialogue in a sold-out theater. Crisp, intelligible announcements in a packed stadium. Exhilarating lights and music at an outdoor summer festival. A stirring sermon reaching every corner of a cavernous church.

Sounds like the work of Clear Sound - the Delaware Valley's best full-service audio, video and lighting company.