Anti-Defamation League Diversity Expo and Walk

Founded in 1913 to combat anti-Semitism, the Anti-Defamation League has expanded its scope to fighting all forms of bigotry and protecting civil rights. The annual Walk Against Hate is held to raise funds and to celebrate diversity through a fun-filled event. Groups and community organizations participated in the Walk itself, with sponsors donating to the League’s efforts. The Diversity Expo included various local nonprofit organizations showcasing the work they do within our community to promote cultural and ethnic respect. On stage, an array of diverse dancing and musical performances entertained the crowd. Clear Sound has provided sound support for this event for several years, and was pleased to be chosen again this year.

 We brought in a mobile stage and set up on the Navy Yard’s Marine Parade Grounds. We used wide-throwing PA hanging at the stage as well as an additional set of speakers facing the expo itself so the entertainment could be enjoyed by everyone in attendance. Getting sound to the several thousand people in a field has its own unique challenges but that’s what we do! Clear Sound provided generators to help power the stage performances, the ice sculptor, some of the exhibitors and a couple of DJs along the route the walkers took. We also provided a communications system so the event organizers could stay in contact during the event. It took several trucks and nearly a dozen people working to set it all up. We loaded in a day early and then worked through rain and a huge storm to pull off a successful event!