Ballet under an open sky


Among all the overwhelming consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns has been the impact on the performing arts. Events like a ballet performance are so much harder to organize and distribute remotely that they are necessarily rare and special when someone – or, in reality, many someones – does figure out how to pull it off. Therefore, we were pleased to provide staging for the Pennsylvania Ballet’s Inaugural Fall Gathering of Dance at Red Rose Farm in Villanova. Also called Ballet Under an Open Sky, the stage was set up outside in a field at Red Rose Farm. Staging in a field is very challenging – as flat as a field might look, it isn’t level, and each leg has to be adjusted separately to give the performers a level surface. This takes a lot of hands (thank you, IATSE Local 8!) and a lot of coordination. For some additional photos, check – there are great shots of the rehearsal, with the dancers laughing and goofing off, as well as more of the lovely performance.

Photo credits: Arian Molina Soca @arianmsphotographer