Equipment rentals


At Clear Sound we have spent the better part of thirty years serving the Philadelphia community with our love and passion for gear. Most people know us for our Productions- the events where our crew and our equipment help make a client’s vision a reality – or Installations, where we permanently install a sound or video system that the client then ownsMany don’t know that the Productions department can also help you get your message heard when you just need the right gear for a little while. 

We have also spent the last thirty years researching and collecting gear. We love new consoles, the latest in wireless technology and video projectors capable of shining brightly even in a well-lit room. We also have vintage mics, older analog consoles and outboard rack gear for people who want to keep it simple. Along the way we continue to study the market, our clients’ needs and the overall quality of the gear. We rotate stock so that we always have professional, fully operational equipment available. That gear can be rented for short periods of time like a day or two up to several weeks.  

Clear Sound has had multiple relationships with local venues in Philadelphia from the Dell Music Center to the Mann Music Center as well as many of the theaters on Broad Street. Those venues have chosen us to come in before the season starts and put in a full PA for the audience that stays up for months on end. Some of them have their own staff to operate it, occasionally calling us for tech support or to add in new requests. Other venues have hired us to come in for each show to mix on our rig that hangs there. Either way the audience gets a stellar show. 

We also take care of much smaller rentals, like individual microphones for recording projects, a pair of small speakers for a party, a TV for a Super Bowl viewing- you name it, we’ve rented it to someone. We’ve had national touring acts playing the big venues in town call us for that one specific cable that goes to that one old thing when theirs got left in the previous city. We’ve rented safety equipment like cable ramps and lifts to other production companies.  

Our Rental Department can not only help you find what you’re looking for, but they can help you identify exactly what you need. We frequently get phone calls in which the client begins with “I need a microphone.” Sometimes they do just need a single microphone to connect to their personal sound system. More often than nothowever, that client really needs more than a mic. A microphone by itself doesn’t do anything – it needs to be connected to speakers by way of cables and a console. Our initial conversation with rental customers revolves around figuring out what their end goal is and how to best achieve that. Timing, space and budget all impact the results.