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Clear Sound was established as a rental sound contractor in 1976. In 2000 long time employee, Chris Dietze purchased the company and transformed Clear Sound into a full-service AV production company and systems integrator for the greater Philadelphia area. We’ve been around a while, and that has given us a depth of experience that’s hard to beat.  We’ve done just about everything – marathons, theaters, houses of worship, orchestras, concerts, Presidential campaigns and graduations. Many of those customers come back, year after year, either for the same event or to help them meet new challenges.

We believe long-term success is achieved with a commitment to both our clients and our employees. We strive each day to improve over the previous day, providing a better service to our customers to ensure they keep coming back. Our client retention is exceptionally high, and something we’re very proud of. In addition, our employees are carefully chosen, and we know they are our greatest asset. We seek out dedicated professionals, and then invest in their careers, providing opportunities to encourage professional growth at every opportunity.

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Contact infoOf course, right now everyone’s focus is on COVID-19 and doing what we can to minimize its impact. To that end, Clear Sound is largely working remotely from home, with only required staff at the shop. Our ability to assist our clients is substantial but...

St. Joseph’s University Commencement

St. Joseph’s University Commencement

The graduation ceremony at St. Joseph’s University required Clear Sound’s expertise in two areas: the specific challenges posed by commencement events, and the difficulties of providing intelligible sound inside a tent. Our team decided to use a distributed loudspeaker system throughout the 100′ x 300′ ft. tent, which we divided into targeted zones for optimal control and clarity. The ceremony was an unqualified success: every graduate’s name was heard by their loved ones.

Swarthmore College Baseball Field

Swarthmore College Baseball Field

Swarthmore College’s beautiful baseball field was a charming place to watch a game, with just one problem: nobody could hear the game announcements. Clear Sound installed a system that provided the ideal combination of outdoor ruggedness with ease-of-use. Four Community speakers offer excellent speech intelligibility over the bleachers, giving the field thorough, well-balanced coverage.


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