2022 Wawa Welcome america july 4th Celebrations

Finally, the full Wawa Welcome America celebrations for the July 4th holiday is back!

Clear Sound was proud to be back as well handling the event audio visual set up and production for each of the events on July 3rd and 4th. 

The events included the gospel show, a military marching band performance, smaller musical events and culminating with the Philly Pops concert on July 4th. As always, these wonderful events took place in front of Independence Hall and all the other amazing historical landmarks around it. An incredibly relevant and beautiful place to celebrate freedom. 

We got the equipment set up, the stage dressed and prepared and the gospel band and their performers in place. There were nearly 100 people on the stage when the whole choir got up there. All the microphones are tested live. As soon as everyone is content with the sound both on stage and in the house, the stage is cleared and we reset anything that got moved. Batteries are replaced in the wireless units, the stage is cleaned of any loose cables and final preparations done for the performance. There are several announcements made and then the July 3rd shows begin. 

When the days festivities are complete, we have an additional crew arrive to help changeover the stage and its decorations for the Philly Pops show the next day. Again, all the microphones, lighting and instruments are set up in the orchestra and tested. Coordination with local and national media also occurs; separate feeds are run for them and tests are conducted both on their end and ours. 

July 4 sees our show crew return just before dawn to get everything ready. We set and test mics for the band, move decorations into place and coordinate with the pyrotechnics crew. They usually need some power outlets dropped and some areas cordoned off for safety. They don’t launch any traditional explosives, as the nature of our space makes any kind of fire hazard completely unacceptable. Instead they position several streamer cans that are remotely triggered by the pyro crew. The effect at the end of the show is a dramatic red, white and blue spectacle that fits as a perfect punctuation for such a celebration.  

The show went off without a hitch and everyone is happy, satisfied and excited about attending and performing such a great concert. 

Believe it or not, planning for next year will start very soon. It is never too early to get prepared and make next year even better!

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