AV Installations for Colleges & Universities


Clear Sound Inc. continues their proud tradition of providing audio visual installation services for the many colleges and universities in the greater Philadelphia, PA region.

The common AV installation projects Clear Sound completes for these institutions include audio and/or video systems for theaters, gymnasiums, auditoriums, athletic stadiums or fields, student centers and other indoor and outdoor school facilities.

Anywhere that people gather and need audio and/or video capabilities, Clear Sound has done it before and can do it again following a very simple dictum: Be Heard But Not Seen.

One recent example of an AV installation by Clear Sound was at Princeton University. Clear Sound has done multiple projects over the years at Princeton, but the recent one focused on installing new speakers at their famous Weaver Stadium for Track & Field events. 

We installed four Community speakers with the following specifications:

·         R.5-66z

·         Weather-resistant

·         Two-way horn-loaded

·         Full-range, 85 Hz-16 kHz

·         LF 1 x 12” with mounting brackets

All while standing on a very high lift in the open air! Our installation team is never fazed by any project.

This Princeton project has been completed and highlights Clear Sound’s capability to not only install a new audio or video system for your school, but also upgrade an existing one. Track and field events at the Weaver Track will now be heard loud and clear for everyone in attendance.

Please request a consultation for your project or contact us to answer any questions you have about our services.