AV Installations for houses of worship


Clear Sound continues their proud tradition of providing audio visual installation services to many of the houses of worship in the greater Philadelphia, PA region.

Houses of worship includes any Christian church, Jewish synagogue, Islamic mosque or other place of worship where people gather to share and practice their religious faith together. Clear Sound also provides installation services to religious schools of all faiths in the area.

Many do not realize the importance of and impact an optimized and professionally installed sound system and/or video system can have for houses of worship. Clear Sound follows a very simple dictum for all their audio visual installations in places of worship: Be Heard But Not Seen. People attending religious services, weddings, bar mitzvahs and the like do not want to see the speakers or system producing the wonderful sounds. They just want to be able to clearly hear the sounds from every seat in the house.

Clear Sound has over 20 years of experience in installing AV systems that not only can be heard everywhere clearly, but also align naturally with the existing architecture of the building so as not to detract from the beautiful features or ambience of the beloved communal space.

The Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, PA, Beth Sholem Congregation in Elkins Park, PA and Calvary Chapel of Delaware County in Chadds Ford, PA are just a few examples of Clear Sound’s audio visual installation work in the greater Philadelphia region.  All are long term customers of Clear Sound for a very good reason: they get very good service and performance out of the AV systems Clear Sound has installed for them.

This past spring, Clear Sound provided an upgrade to both Audio and Visual systems for the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Beth Sholom Congregation. The synagogue wanted to prepare for more “in person” participation while making sure that those who wished to continue with the streaming option could do so with confidence that they could see and hear clearly. With the return to more live and in person attendance, they also wanted their system to have the flexibility to support other presentations and performances without losing the function to run without an operator during the regular service.  The new Allen and Heath SQ-5 digital mixer fits the bill, being able to store a very high number of scene presets for regular services, yet the operational versatility to ‘mix it up’ when the synagogue hosts other types of presentations and performances.

 In addition to the work done by our Installation department, Beth Sholom Congregation made use of our Production department during the High Holy Days. The Production department provided additional staging, audio/visual equipment, and professional technicians to set it up and operate the equipment during this special time on the Jewish calendar.

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