AV Installations for Secondary Schools


Clear Sound Inc. continues their proud tradition of providing audio visual installation services to a wide range of secondary schools in the greater Philadelphia, PA region.

The common types of AV installations Clear Sound provides for these institutions include audio and/or video systems for theaters, gymnasiums, auditoriums, athletic stadiums or fields and other indoor and outdoor school facilities.  Anywhere that people gather and need audio and/or video capabilities, Clear Sound has done it before and can do it again.

Many do not realize the importance and impact an optimized and professionally installed sound system and/or video system can have for a theater, stadium, gymnasium or auditorium. Clear Sound follows a very simple dictum for all their audio-visual installations: Be Heard But Not Seen. People attending a sports event, play, concert, or a graduation ceremony do not want to see the speakers or system producing the wonderful sounds. They just want to be able to clearly hear those sounds from every seat in the house.

Clear Sound has over 20 years of experience in installing AV systems that not only can be heard everywhere clearly, but also align naturally with the existing architecture of the building so as not to detract from the beautiful features or ambience of the beloved communal space.

One recent example of a secondary school AV installation by Clear Sound was at Westtown School, located in West Chester, PA. Clear Sound is proud to have played a part in the renovation of their Arts Theater by designing, supplying, and installing new audio visual systems.

The systems included:

  • Front of house loudspeakers utilizing Adamson’s 17 series loudspeakers with customized Labgruppen D 80 amplifiers powering all of the loudspeakers
  • 16 channels of Shure’s high-quality ULXD wireless microphones were installed with the 16 body pack transmitters using 16 Countryman B3 omnidirectional lavalier microphone elements
  • 8 hand-held transmitters
  • Using Listen Technologies I DSP components, a complete RF-based assistive listening system for audience members with hearing challenges
  • A new video projector system from Eiki will provide quality HD resolution
  • Upgrades to the Back of house monitor system and theatrical intercom were completed

The project at Westtown School is now complete and represents a huge upgrade in value for the school overall, including the students, parents, facility manager and teachers.

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