Calvary chapel reset

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been helping our friends at Calvary Chapel of Delaware County step up their outdoor service production value. They’ve been friends and clients for many years, and it was time to improve on some of the technology they’re using to address modern challenges. CCDelco holds many outdoor services, which introduces a unique new range of problems to solve. That’s where we shine. 

One of the big problems they faced revolved around their prolific use of wireless equipment. When you’re using only one or two units, the spectrum of available frequencies is pretty forgiving. However, when a venue is using dozens or more, as CCDelco is, the frequency can get crowded pretty fastA way to understand this is to think of it like radio – when you dial right into the station, its loud and clear, but if it’s just a little off you hear noise, and even other stations. Wireless mics and wireless monitors operate in a similar manner. Each unit is assigned a specific frequency at which it will sound loud, clear and tuned in. Ianything else is on that same frequency (or even too close), there will be interference, which will manifest as static, dropouts and glitches.  

The solution is to coordinate the frequencies being used with the surrounding wireless traffic, and sort everyone into the best places. We have software and hardware we use to analyze the spectrum and determine what frequencies are open for the equipment we need to use in the zip code in which we work. The result is an audience that enjoyed a flawless performance and performers who could finally hear themselves with reliable consistency. We weren’t surprised when we heard the compliments flowing in! “It’s the first time you’re actually HEARING the mix, and not interference!” Sometimes, you just need a professional set of ears equipped with specialized knowledge and tools.