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Of course, right now everyone’s focus is on COVID-19 and doing what we can to minimize its impact. To that end, Clear Sound is largely working remotely from home, with only required staff at the shop. Our ability to assist our clients is substantial but may be different than what you’re used to.

You can reach us at any time by e-mailing We always monitor this e-mail, and your message will be forwarded to the correct person right away. You can also e-mail specific individuals or call the office at 610-626-7600 for the cell phone numbers of departmental representatives.

We’re also brainstorming ways to help our customers best manage their needs with innovative solutions. One service we provide springs immediately to mind – livestreamed events. Live streaming allows virtual events from remote locations, recorded and broadcast in real time.

As always, our priority is to be here for you when you need us – feel free to reach out to us to discuss possibilities and potential solutions. And, please, take care of yourselves and be safe.