Gwynedd Mercy University Griffin Complex

The Griffin Complex at Gwynedd Mercy University is home to the Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Volleyball teams. The Complex hosted exciting competitions and distinguished graduations, but the attendees had a hard time hearing what was happening. Like many gymnasiums, the Griffin Complex is extremely reverberant, making intelligibility, or the ability to make out what someone is saying, a distinct problem. Sound waves bounce off hard surfaces all over the space, overlaying what is coming out of the speakers, so those listening can’t make out what announcers are trying to say. With expert assistance from Clear Sound, the problem was solved using Fulcrum Acoustics speakers powered by QSC amplifiers. In addition, Q-SYS digital signal processing, also from QSC, provides the versatility to direct the sound around the space, as for traditional athletic competitions, or toward one end, as for graduations or concerts.