Legal Status of Wireless Mics Update


Clear Sound wanted to provide an update on the legal status of wireless mics. The good news is the FCC has not transitioned any other frequencies since 2020. Please read the rest of this post to find out details on why this is an important issue and check the FCC wireless mic reference for current information. 

Wireless mics operate on the same frequency spectrum as the wireless broadband spectrum. This includes TV and radio as well as cell phone communication. They aren’t supposed to overlap at all, but are portioned out separately.

However, the FCC has technical control over the distribution of those frequencies and occasionally must reorganize them to accommodate the overall need.

In 2020, the FCC completed a deal eliminating a slice of frequencies used in wireless equipment. This means available frequencies for wireless devices have changed. 

Therefore, as of July 2020, the spectrum of 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz are no longer legal to operate in the US. Using those devices now poses a threat to the broadband transmissions and there will be interference on those channels. In the worst case, your organization could face penalties from the FCC.

Production companies like us own dozens of units and many of them fell into this range. We had to transition out of using them and replace them with units in available frequency ranges.

However, many schools, houses of worship, theaters and smaller institutions may still not know about these changes and be using illegal wireless mics. They may be wondering why there is intereference and worry about the cost of replacing them. 

If you’re concerned or want to find out more about your system you can contact the manufacturer or contact us. We stay up to date on all the changes and we’ll be happy to help you navigate these confusing new regulations.