ListenLoop system

Flat wire tape is applied to the floor, under carpeting, in this shape to enclose the room’s occupant’s.

The installation team just completed the installation of a Listen Technologies ListenLOOP audio induction loop system at Wesley Enhanced Living Mainline. The facility was in the process of renovating the dining room and wished to include this cool technology.  Listen Technologies’ ListenLOOP system was chosen for the project, and the contractor contacted Listen for a qualified installer in the area. Listen recommended Clear Sound.  

Hearing loop technology increases accessibility to those with some hearing loss. Audio is carried from the room’s system to loops of wire installed on the floor, encircling the audience. The system produces a magnetic field which delivers audio signal directly to telecoils in hearing aids or cochlear implants, greatly improving the listener’s ability to hear clearly.  A t-coil acts like a wireless antenna, delivering audio directly to the ear. The sound is amplified, and ambient room noise is minimized. Telecoil technology is very common, but for people whose devices do not have it, headphones and portable receivers are also available.

If you’re interested in incorporating this technology in your renovation or new building to improve accessibility, feel free to contact us for more information.