Princeton Theological Seminary upgrade

Princeton Theological Seminary is a Presbyterian school located right next to Princeton University in New Jersey. Their Miller Chapel already had a fine audio system installed by Clear Sound several years ago, but like most thriving communities, their technical needs have grown and evolved over the years. The existing system was designed with a focus on reproducing only speech and piano music. Since then, their worship services have evolved to now include a full band, leaving their once excellent audio system in need of an upgrade. Clear Sound installed a new audio system featuring top-of-the-line L-Acoustics Syva speakers and  a 32-channel Allen & Heath QU Series mixing console. Rounding out the package, a full wireless upgrade was added, featuring an array of Shure microphones and in-ear monitoring systems to allow the musicians hear just as well as the audience. The new system provides the functionality they need now, and the versatility to handle what comes next for this vibrant, evolving community. 

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