St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Hamilton Township New Jersey has a visually stunning domed ceiling some 80 feet in diameter. The dome and walls are also covered with rich iconography.  However, the dome creates a very strong reverberant field and intelligibility in the church was quite poor. 
Clear Sound demonstrated that the Renkus-Heinz Iconyx IC 16 loudspeaker could create excellent intelligibility from any seat and was chosen as the vendor to install an Iconyx sound system for the church. 
Another important issue to St. George was to ensure the tall, slender Iconyx loudspeakers blended naturally within the church’s architectural features for an inconspicuous installation while providing excellent coverage of the seating. Clear Sound addressed this requirement by cleverly positioning and coloring of the speakers. If one did not know their locations, they would never see the speakers. 
Shure wired and wireless microphones acquire highly intelligible audio, which is mixed and processed by a Biamp Nexia digital signal processor.  Nexia DSP is capable of performing mixing, routing, equalization, dynamics, and delay and is easily controlled with an intuitive wall-mounted user interface.   Pre-existing JBL control 25 loudspeakers were repurposed as choir and narthex fills and are powered with QSC amplifiers.