Value of Assistive Listening Devices


Over the second half of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, Clear Sound is seeing strong demand for assistive listening devices again. We see
this as a great sign that facilities and the organizations that use them are getting back to in-person activities and events and understand the value that these devices provide to their various audiences and staff.

Organizations as diverse as houses of worship, private and public schools and corporations of different sizes and industries are working
hard to provide the best experience possible for their congregations, children, parents, employees and staff.

Furthermore, facilities of all sizes such as theaters, auditoriums, concert halls, stadiums and outdoor venues benefit from offering access to assistive listening devices too. Part of that experience is gathering together in the same
spaces and being able to share a common experience.

Everyone being able to hear clearly and consistently is very important. This not only makes sense from a business perspective, but
also from a human level that a shared experience can be enjoyed by all. No one feels left out, disconnected or looked upon strangely if they ask for help to hear better.

Assistive listening devices should be easy to operate, comfortable to use and fully compliant with the systems where you’re using them.
Thankfully, Clear Sound has a strong partner in Listen Technologies for our customer’s assistive listening device needs. They have a wide
range of product offerings for many applications and Clear Sound appreciates the long term relationship we’ve built with them.

We anticipate more event venues, schools, houses of worship and corporate customers asking about and requesting assistive listening devices as part of their audio visual offerings for in-person activities and events.

As always, we continue to investigate ways to procure quality equipment for our customers. The quicker decisions are made to move
forward with a project, the quicker we get you into the queue and the sooner the equipment for your project will be delivered and can be
installed. In terms of renting, the same thing applies. We pride ourselves in doing everything we can to make sure your event is an audio visual success.

We look forward to working with you. Please contact us with any of your assistive listening device needs.