Rental Catalog

Clear Sound’s extensive inventory of professional audio, video and lighting equipment is also available to rent in the Philadelphia, PA region. We’re always evaluating and upgrading our inventory, so take a look below for the current offerings. Give us a call to discuss your needs and to get a quote.


Mixing Consoles


Midas M32R Live
QSC TouchMix-8
Yamaha QL1
Rio1608-D2 and Rio3224-D2 stage boxes available
Yamaha QL5 Rio1608-D2 and Rio3224-D2 stage boxes available
Yamaha CL5 Rio1608-D2 and Rio3224-D2 stage boxes available
Yamaha LS9-16
Yamaha LS9-32

We stock a variety of plugin packs and cards for I/O expansion; Dante, Aviom, etc. Call for specifics.


Analog consoles are available with multi-pinned EQ and FX Racks.

APB MixSwitch Console Switcher
Allen & Heath GL2400
Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ4
Allen & Heath ZED-6
Mackie 1402VLZ Pro
Midas Heritage 3000
Midas Venice V320
Shure SCM262
Shure SCM810 Automixer
Yamaha EMX512 Powered Mixer

Snakes and I/O Boxes

Midas DL32
SoundTools SuperCAT Shielded 100m etherCON Spool
Yamaha Rio1608-D2 Etherncon
Yamaha Rio3224-D2 Etherncon
64 input dual Rio stage rack with Cisco switches & APC battery backup
Whirlwind W2 16×4 Analog Snake
Whirlwind W4 40×16 Analog Snake
Whirlwind W4 48×8 Analog Snake


Channels: 6, 8, 9, 12, 16
Lengths: 50ft, 75ft, 80ft, 100ft, 150ft, 200ft

Wired Microphones

AKG C451 EB (CK1, CK2, CK3, CK8, CK9, A51, VR-1, VR-2) condenser preamplifier
AKG C414 (ULS, XLS) multi pattern condenser
AKG C535 EB vocal condenser
AKG D112 large diaphragm dynamic
AMG C-Ducer stereo piano pickup
Audio Technica 851R cardioid boundary condenser
Audio Technica AT835 shotgun hypercardioid condenser
Audio Technica AT853a uni point hanging condenser
Audio Technica MB1000L switched dynamic
Audix D2 dynamic cardioid
Audix D4 dynamic cardioid
Audix D6 dynamic cardioid
Audix M1245 minature cardioid condenser
Audix M1290 minature cardioid condenser
Audix OM5 vocal dynamic hypercardioid
Audix OM7 vocal dynamic hypercardioid
Barcus Berry 4000XL piano pickup
Beyerdynamic M201 hypercardioid dynamic
Beyerdynamic M420 cardioid dynamic
Beyerdynamic TGX580 hypercardioid dynamic
Beyerdynamic M400 Soundstar MKII cardioid dynamic
Beyerdynamic M88 cardioid dynamic
Blue Kickball active dynamic
Crown PCC160 surface mount condenser
Countryman ISOMAX II hypercardiod clip-on mic
DPA d:vote 4099 condenser instrument
Earthworks FM500/C cardioid lectern mic
Earthworks FM500/HC hypercardioid lectern mic
Earthworks M23 omni measurement mic
Earthworks SR30 cardioid condenser
Electro Voice 635A omni dynamic
Electro Voice RE20 large diaphragm dynamic
Neumann KM184 cardioid condenser
Neumann KMI-84 cardioid condenser
Neumann KMS 105 vocal condenser
Neumann TLM127 multipattern condenser
Oktava MK-012-01 multipattern condenser
Sennheiser E602-II large diaphragm dynamic
Sennheiser E604 dynamic clip-on cardioid
Sennheiser E609 dynamic supercardioid
Sennheiser MD409 U3 dynamic cardioid
Sennheiser MD441 U hypercardioid dynamic
Sennheiser MD421 large diaphragm dynamic
Shure 520DX Green Bullet omni dynamic harmonica
Shure 55SH Series II reproduction vintage switched vocal
Shure Beta 52 large diaphragm dynamic
Shure Beta 56 hypercardioid dynamic
Shure Beta 56A hypercardioid dynamic
Shure Beta 57 hypercardioid dynamic
Shure Beta 57A hypercardioid dynamic
Shure Beta 58 cardioid dynamic
Shure Beta 58A supercardioid dynamic
Shure Beta 87 supercardioid vocal condenser
Shure Beta 87A supercardioid vocal condenser
Shure Beta 91 cardioid condenser
Shure Beta 98 compact supercardioid condenser
Shure Beta 98H compact supercardioid condenser
Shure KSM137 cardioid condenser
Shure KSM141 multipattern condenser
Shure KSM32 cardioid condenser
Shure MX412se cardioid podium
Shure MX418se supercardioid podium
Shure SM48s-LC dynamic switched
Shure SM57 cardioid dynamic
Shure SM58 cardioid vocal dynamic
Shure SM58s switched cardioid vocal dynamic
Shure SM81 cardioid condenser
Shure SM86 cardioid vocal condenser
Shure SM91 cardioid boundary

Wireless Microphones

All wireless series are available with handhelds or belt-packs. All wireless series comply with current FCC regulations.

Shure Axient Digital (AD, G57)
Shure QLX-D (G50)
Shure ULX-D (G50)
Shure ULX-P (J1)
Shure ULX-S (G3)
Shure UHF-R (G1)

Prepackaged racks available, with antenna distribution, network switches and rechargeable batteries.


Shure Beta 58A
Shure Beta 87C
Shure KSM9
Shure SM58
Shure SM86


AKG CK77 cardioid
Countryman B3 (Black, Cocoa, Tan, Light Beige) omni
Countryman EMW omni
DPA CORE 4080 cardioid
DPA CORE 4061 omni
Sennheiser MKE-2 (Black, Beige) omni
Sennheiser MKE-40 cardioid
Shure 839W omni
Shure 84A supercardiod
Shure WL185 cardioid
Shure WL93 omni


Countryman E6 (Cocoa, Tan, Light Beige) omni
Countryman ISOMAX II hypercardioid
DPA d:fine 88 cardioid
Mogan Earset omni
Mogan Elite Earset omni


Aviom AN16i
Sennheiser EW300 G3 (A)
Shure PSM1000 (G10)
Listen LT-800-072-SQ Assisted Listening System


Invisible Waves Circular Polarized
Invisible Waves IEM Radiator
RF Venue CP Beam folding helical
RF Venue Diversity Fin
Sennheiser A2003 IEM wide band passive
Shure PA805 passive directional
Shure UA870 active directional
Shure UA874 active directional


RF Venue Explorer Rack Pro wireless spectrum analyzer
RF Venue Distro 4
Shure PA421A
Shure PA821B
Shure UA844
Shure UA845

Direct Boxes

Countryman Type 85 active
Radial JDI passive
Radial Pro D2 stereo passive
Whirlwind Director passive
Whirlwind Multi Director 4CH passive
Whirlwind LBS line level isolation transformer

Loudspeaker Systems

All our PA systems have appropriate rigging frames, yokes and stands which are configured and quoted for specific events.

Line Array

QSC Wideline 2102W tri-amp dual 10”
QSC SC28 Digital System Controller
QSC CM16a amplifier network monitor
QSC PL380 Amplifiers

Passive Speakers

Community R.25 weather resistant
Community R2 weather resistant
Danley Sound Labs J3-94
Danley Sound Labs SM60F
Danley Sound Labs OS80 weather resistant
EAW FR159z
JBL Control 8

Powered Speakers

Anchor MPB4500 battery powered
FBT J5A mic stand mountable
Meyer UPA-1P
QSC K8.2
QSC K12.2


EAW SB250 2×15”
EAW SB1000 2×18”
QSC KS118 powered 1×18”
QSC KW181 powered 1×18”
QSC WL218 2×18”


Anchor AN100 mic stand mountable
Clear Sound SM600 “WOD” bi-amp 15” by 2”
FBT J5A mic stand mountable
QSC K8.2 powered
QSC K12 powered
QSC K12.2 powered


Clear Sound packages amplifiers in various production racks with patch bays. Each rack uses a twist lock power connector with internal power distribution based on the current needs of the rack. All racks contain system processors loaded with factory parameters and additional tweaks we have made.

Amplifier rack sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8

Danley DNA 20K4 PRO
Powersoft K6
Yamaha T5n
Yamaha PC9501n

Audio Processing

System processors

Ashly Protea 3.6SP
Ashly Protea 4.24C
Ashly Protea 4.8SP


Ashly GQX Graphic EQ
Ashly Protea 4.24GS
Ashly Protea 4.24RD
Shure DFR 11EQ Feedback Reducer
Symetrix 532 Graphic EQ
Symetrix 552 Parametric EQ
EMO Systems Dual Channel Graphic EQ
Klark-Teknik DN300 Graphic EQ


DBX 160X Compressor/Limiter
DBX 166A Compressor/Limiter
Drawmer DL441 Quad Compressor/Limiter


Behringer XR4400 Multigate Pro
DBX 1074 Gate


Lexicon PCM42 Stereo Delay Effect Processor
TC Electronics M2000 Effects Processor
TC Electronics D-Two Multitap Delay
TC Electronics M-One Multi Effects Processor
Yamaha SPX900 Effects Processor
Yamaha SPX90II Effects Processor
Yamaha SPX990 Effects Processor


Apogee Big Ben Master Word Clock
Avalon VT37SP Tube Microphone Preamp


Playback and Recording

Denon DN-610F
Denon DN-T620
Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 USB Audio Interface
JK Audio Innkeeper 1x Phone Interface
Marantz CDR510
Panasonic SV3800 DAT Player/Recorder
Tacsam CD-01U
Tascam CD-500
Tascam CD-RW700
Tascam SS-CDR200 Solid State Player/Recorder


Compatible hard-wired intercom from Clear-Com, Telex and Technical Projects:
Single channel base units
Dual channel base units
RS-501 single channel belt packs
RS-601 single channel belt packs
Signal lights and flashers
Single muff headsets
Dual muff headsets
Lightweight headsets
Featherweight headsets
Clear-Com handsets
Custom break-in and break-out cable assemblies to inject or isolate audio

Kenwood TRK-3160 six channel radios


Due to recent changes in fcc wireless frequency regulations, we do not currently stock any wireless communication units. We are analyzing future options, check back soon.



Eiki LC-WUL100 5,000 Lumen (Native WUXGA 1920×1200 16:10) (Lens options 0.8:1 up to 7.69:1)
Eiki LC-XL200 6,000 Lumen (Native XGA 1024×768) (Lens options 0.8:1 up to 7.69:1)
Eiki EK-820U 10,000 Lumen Laser Projector (Native WUXGA (1920×1200 16:10) (Lens options 0.75:1 up to 2.92:1)
Vivitek D963HD 4,500 Lumen (Native 1080p 1920×1080 16:9)


Draper 72” Pull-Up Tripod Screen
Draper 106” Pull-Up Tripod Screen
Draper 6’x8’ Front & Rear Projection Screen with Factory Dress Kit
Draper 9’x12’ Front & Rear Projection Screen with Factory Dress Kit

Television and Displays

Asus VS228H-P 22” LED
Apex 32” LCD
LG LS3400 42” LCD
Sharp Aquos 48” LED Smart TV
Samsung MU8000 65” LED Smart 4K TV
Samsung Q60R 82” QLED Smart 4K TV


Panasonic AG-AC160A
Sony EVI-H100V PTZ
Sony RM-IP10 PTZ Controller


Roland V-1HD 4×2 HDMI
Roland VR-50HD 4×2 HDMI, SDI, VGA, Composite
Telestream Wirecast Pro Live-streaming Production Switching Software
Kramer VP-201XL VGA Selector


2-way HDMI Splitter (Extron, Kramer)
Transformative Engineering HDS-12i (2-way HDMI Splitter)
Transformative Engineering HDS-14 (4-way HDMI Splitter)
Transformative Engineering HL-2 HDMI Extender (HDMI over CAT6)
Kanex Pro 3G/HD-SDI Repeater
VGA Distribution Amplifier (C2G, AV-Link)


Lighting Control

Luminair 3 Lighting Control Software
ETC Smartfade ML Console
Leprecon LP624 Controller
Lightronics TL-4016 Console
MBT LED RGB Lighting Controller
NSI MC7016 Lighting Controller
Enttec DMX USB PRO MK2 DMX over ethernet
Lightronics 1×4 Opti DMX Splitter
City Theatrical Show Baby 6 Wireless DMX Transceiver
City Theatrical Multiverse Show Baby Wireless DMX Transceiver

LED Fixtures

American DJ MEGAGO Par 64 Battery Powered
Chauvet Freedom Strip miniRGBA Bars
Chauvet Ovation E-260WW LED Ellipsoidal (Lens sizes: 19, 26, 36, 50)
Chauvet Ovation E-910FC LED Ellipsoidal (Lens sizes: 19, 26, 36, 50)
Chauvet RGB LED Par64 Battery Powered

Conventional Fixtures

Creative Stage Lighting 6 Bar
ETC S4 Par 56 Light
ETC S4 Elipsoidal (Lens sizes: 19, 26, 36, 50)
L&E Par 56
MBT Pinspot 35w Accent Light

Follow Spots

Lycian Midget Spot Light



Staging Concepts Deck Sizes:

  • 4’x 8’
  • 4’x 5’
  • 4’x 4’

Leg/Frame Heights (8” to 42”)
Rolling Risers (8” to 24”)
Steps, Skirts, Railings

Power Distribution

We stock a wide variety of power distribution. A sampling of our standard units includes:

200A 3phase 208V Cam-lok 5 wire input with full digital metering:

CS-636x 50A outputs
L14-30 outputs
Edison Outputs
Socapex outputs

100A 3phase 208V Cam-lok 5 wire input:

CS-636x 50A outputs
L14-30 outputs
Edison Outputs
Socapex outputs

60A single phase 240V Cam-lok 4-wire input:

L14-30 outputs
Edison Outputs

60A single phase 240V CS-636x 50A 4-wire input:

L14-30 outputs
Edison Outputs

2/0 Cam-lok Feeder Cable
4/5 Cam-lok Feeder Cable
ETA PD8L Power Strip
Juice Goose 8.0L Rack Power Distribution
Generators (wattages: 2,200 to 10,000)

We stock Various 120-240 step-up and step down transformers.


CM ½ Ton Motor Chain Hoist
CM 1 Ton Motor Chain Hoist
Motion Labs control system and power distribution
Applied Electronics L-16 crank-up lifts
Genie ST-25 crank-up lifts
Genie WS30 Manlift
TomCat 12” Box Truss (5’, 10’)
50lbs. Base/Pipe
Chain, GAC, Slings, Steel, Shackles, Pear Rings, etc.


ClearSonic A5-4 Plexi Drum Shield
Music Stands
Music Stand Lights
SWR 4×10 Goliath III Bass Cabinet
Yamaha S90 88 key weighted keyboard

Pipe and Drape

3’ to 5’
7’ to 12’
12’ Black Drape Panels

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Mr. Deyulis (building principal) is happy with the way everything turned out. Thank you again for a job well done!

Jason Rochon
Maintenance Foreman
Ridley School District

It went great and your guys are the best!

Tom Garrity
Deputy Director, Fire Programs
Fire Academy, Montgomery County

I can't overstate how impressive they were or how much their work meant to our entire community. The word "seamless" comes up again and again in the feedback we've received so far, and it was.

Hazzan Harold Messinger
Congregation Beth Am Israel

Everything was AMAZING!!! It was better than AMAZING!! I could not have asked for more. Ryan and his crew just blew us all away. We are all so thankful and cannot express enough how ClearSound made sure our High Holidays were flawless.

Lauren Marks-Cabanas
Executive Director
Adath Israel