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The Mask and Wig Club

Founded in 1888 by a small group of aspiring actors at the University of Pennsylvania, The Mask and Wig Club is a venerable institution dedicated to theatrical comedy.  The group founded its headquarters in a former stable in 1894, hiring prominent Philadelphia architect Wilson Eyre to convert the historic property, and bringing in Maxfield Parrish to decorate the theater. 
Today, the club continues to perform in this magnificent venue, and remains dedicated to preserving its historically significant interior.  That’s why the group hired Clear Sound to update the theater’s sound system.  Knowing our reputation for sensitive installations in historic properties, The Mask and Wig Club tasked our designers with mounting loudspeakers in a way that would not obscure the beautiful artwork on the proscenium arch.  Clear Sound chose inconspicuous white speakers that could be painted to match the historic palette of the auditorium and  would provide outstanding performance from a side position.  Today, the theater retains its historic charm, while enjoying cutting edge sound quality during all types of theatrical productions.

January 18, 2016

Clear Sound is very proud to be a part of the Philadelphia Orchestra's Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute Concert at Girard College 

December 7, 2015

Clear Sound provided the event production, audio and video equipment, staging and lighting for Campus Philly's fun and interactive annual meeting in the Academy of Natural Science's Dinosaur Hall 

November 22, 2015

For the Philadelphia Marathon's entire 20 year history, Clear Sound has provided sound production at the start and finish lines along with more than a dozen stages throughout the race course. 

Intimate, natural-sounding dialogue in a sold-out theater. Crisp, intelligible announcements in a packed stadium. Exhilarating lights and music at an outdoor summer festival. A stirring sermon reaching every corner of a cavernous church.

Sounds like the work of Clear Sound - the Delaware Valley's best full-service audio, video and lighting company.